Thursday, April 02, 2009


I could really use some of this.  No not the pot of gold, although that would be nice.  A rainbow because that would mean some sunshine.  It has been raining here for days and I am feeling a bit water logged.  Next week the kids are home for spring break and they are predicting freezing temps.  I live in the south!  What is going on with this weather?  

I have still not been able to get out and get my deck cleaned off so I can enjoy it.  All of the new pillows are still sitting in my living room just waiting to take their place.  In the mean time I have started paint all of the trim on the main level.  It still has the original paint from the builder 7 years ago and is looking pretty shabby.  I am making my way around the first floor repainting all of the trim, doors and door casings.  Things are looking so much fresher. Hopefully it will stop raining and I can get back to some other things on my project list. 


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